Project: Outdoor MVP
Most basic implementation stages of an outdoor navigating robot


The goal here is to build the most fundamental parts of campus rover, in a way that will be easily expanded upon. You should complete the project with a rover that can decide on a path from one building to another, and avoid basic along the way.


  1. Waypoint navigation * Have the robot navigate to a specific GPS point, on a favorable surface without obstacles * Detect when it’s reached a waypoint (it won’t ever be perfectly on the point, pick a good waypoint radius) * Navigate through a series of waypoints
  2. Obstacle avoidance * Make slight deviations in the path to a waypoint to avoid obstacles * Don’t worry about maze-like obstacles, solve those with more waypoints * Test with multiple waypoints
  3. Path planning * Plot several waypoints around an area * Assign values to cost-of-travel between waypoints * Implement an algorithm that generates a series of waypoints, given start and destination waypoints
  4. Put it all together * Set up obstacle course, with a few options from start to finish * Plot waypoints and assign cost * Watch your robot work perfectly!