Project: ROS Kinect
Interface a MS Kinnect to our robot to detect people and other non-fixed obstacles


The long term goal of the Campus Rover is to navigate from one office on the Brandeis campus to a different one in a different building, on a different floor. We know that this is a really hard thing to achieve so we are working towards it in steps.

We have also come to realize that using simple LIDAR is not going to be sufficient, for many reasons. It will not work if the distance to the nearest obstacle is too far (say 10-20 meters). It doesn’t do well in detecting obstacles that are moving, and other reasons.

Learning objectives

  • Study algorithms and methods for detecting humans and other moving obstacles
  • Understand the theory and algorithms of the Microsoft Kinect
  • Understand the current state of the art of interfacing Kinect to ROS
  • Run simulations using ROS and a simulated robot and Kinect
  • Demonstrate our TB3 with a Kinect doing something interesting.