Cosi119 Process
How we organize ourselves and our work for maximum velocity

Schedule Outline

Weeks 1-4: Learning Curve
  • The first 4 or so weeks of the semester are a conventional flow
  • Mini-lectures on specific aspects on ROS
  • Graded homework assignments
  • Formal labs
Part 5-13: Campus Rover
  • Each team of students prepare a weekly plan (see below)
  • A modified scrum or kanban technique
  • Trello to track stories
  • Each week students demo the accomplishments of the predecing week

Weekly Plan

  • How to think about the “plan for next week”
    • Please keep in mind the value of the research you are doing in completing your subproject and please keep notes in the spirit of a lab notebook so that the next generation benefit from your work.
    • You should think of this plan as a “commitment” and it should be worded in that way. Of course even commitments may not be met due to unforseen problems. Certainly if there are “stretch” goals that is appropriate and are as stated “stretch”, not a commitments
  • Your “plan for next week” should:
    1. state What the high level objective and also include a little granular detail
    2. state who the students are working on it. If possible put names next to subtasks
    3. explain what will be demoed
    4. It should include any deliverables, including code, or “lab notebook” kind of info.
    5. This can be all bulletted and summarized, taking no more than 1/3 of a page.