Many homework assignments sometimes include a screencast. Here are some useful links and a style guide. This is Screencastomatic. It is a great and simple tool for creating screencasts. It should work on all platforms.

If you have trouble, here are two other useful links * * Linux:

You may use other tools if you prefer. In the end you need to be able to hand in a link to the screencast.

callout(“Important”, “ Submit a LINK to your screencast, not the big file itself.”)

Style Guide

  • Keep it short. No more than 5 minutes

  • This doesn’t have to be fancy, but you do need to show and tell. It has to be as if I was standing next to you and you were showing me something on your computer. You wouldn’t be silent then, right? You would explain what you are doing. For example if we ask you for a screencast demo of your programming assignment, then we expect you to include:

  • Give a demo of the program, either from the command line or however it makes sense. Run the program and show off the key behaviors requested in the programming assignment.

  • Show the source code. You need to scroll around to the parts of the program that are important, interesting or surprising. And then you need to talk to describe what you are showing. You don’t need to talk about every line of code.