ROS Three (Tue Feb 5, lab 3)
Beginning to learn Robotics basics and programming ROS

Homework due for today

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  1. STDR: Do PA1: STDR (2d Multi Robot Simulator). Read it closely, there are two sets of deliverables
  2. Programming: Maze Please do Programming Assignment: Robot Maze Runner. Note that this is a pair assignment, which means that you should work together with someone and have a single deliverable. It’s important that you actually really collaborate. And that both people get a good understanding of how things work. Getting comfortable with your teammates and sorting out how to divide up the work will continue to be important.
  3. Read Chapters 7, 8, 9. PLEASE remember to read the corresponding Ros Talks: (7: Wander Bot, 8: Teleop-bot and 9: Building Maps) in parallel and use the code I provided! Make sure you experiment with rqt_plot, that you run a Map Server, and that you try running the navigation stack. Respond to the following warmup questions:
    1. Exactly what does this code do: rate = rospy.Rate(10)
    2. What does rqt_plot do and why would you use it?
    3. Precisely what does a Map Server do?
    4. Examine what is in a rosbag file. What is in it?

Intreresting but optional

  1. Podcast Listen to this good podcast episode: Self Driving Cars and Deep Learning. No deliverable.


  • Standups where each team of summarizes what was done, how it went, what went wrong
  • Demos of the STDR and Maze
  • Discuss coming Paper presentations

ROS Talks

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