Welcome (Tue Jan 15, lab 1)
First day of class. Chaos.

In theory, the difference between theory and practice is small. In practice, the difference between theory and practice is large.

Homework due for today

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  • By now you should have gotten your computer set up with Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with a dual boot if necessary.
  • Textbook: Programming Robots with ROS: Read Chapter 1,2,3
  • Read Martin - Real Robots Dont Drive Straight


Part 1

  • Introductions
    • Who are you and what area of computer science are you currently excited by?
    • If nothing else, what do you want out of this course?
  • Overall big picture goal
    • Campus Rover
    • Why it’s interesting and why it’s hard
    • Discuss Mark1 and begin thinking about Mark2
    • Why I am excited about this course
  • How did last year go
    • Demo of last year’s final project deliverable
    • Choose a 3 hour block for our labs
  • How the course will work
    • Take a look at Lab set up
    • Our Robot platforms
    • How to use the 3 hour block
    • Take a look together at the web site
    • Take a look at github together
    • Take a look at Trello together
    • Homeworks and grades
    • Paper reading and reporting
    • Discuss Lab Rules
  • What’s a robot?
    • Autonomous vs. remote controlled
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Software

Part 2: ROS Talks

Part 3: Setting up computers

  • Alec will be here to help everyone get set up

Part 4: Next Class