Iteration 4 (Tue Apr 2, lab 10)
Plan for this week

Homework due for today

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Agenda for today

Demo Script

  • Robot is in a fairly open space with people around it
  • Robot makes its “Yes?” sound
  • Sibo says: “Robot mutant: this is Sibo”
  • Robot spins around and finds Sibo and says “Hi Sibo, I see you”
  • Sibo says: “Robot Mutant, Come here”
  • Robot drives to Sibo, avoiding obstacles, and stops facing Sibo
  • Sibo says: “Robot Mutant, I have a food order for you”
  • Robot says: “Ok, place it in my basket”
  • Sibo says: “Robot mutant, ok, please take it to Einsteins”
  • Robot says: “On my way”
  • Along the way, a person is in view of the Robot and is doing a waving gesture
  • Robot stops and makes its “Yes?” sound
  • Person says “Robot Mutant what are you doing?”
  • Robot says “Sibo placed an order, I am taking it to Einsteins”
  • Person says, “Robot Mutant, can I add something?”
  • Robot says: “Sure, put the slip in my tray”
  • Robot drives to “Einsteins” which is in a corner somewhere and stops
  • Upon arriving, attendant takes the piece of paper, looks in the shelf, and places a bag of chips in the basket
  • Attendant says: “Robot mutant, who is this for?”
  • Robot says: “There are two orders, one for Sibo and one for Nate”
  • Attendant says: “Robot mutant, Please deliver it now”
  • Robot drives back. But in the meanwhile Sibo has moved
  • Robot arrives where Sibo was and he is not there.
  • Robot spins around and finds Sibo and drives to him and stops and makes his “Yes?” sound
  • Sibo says: “Robot mutant, what do you have for me”
  • Robot says: “As requested, I have a bag of chips. Bon Appetit!”
  • Sibo says: “Robot mutant, Thanks, you can continue now”

Key behaviors

  • Robot can make a “Yes?” sound, kind of an R2S2 chirp
  • Robot can see someone waving and stops and makes the “Yes?” sound
  • Robot can spin around to locate a given person visually
  • Robot can navigate in space using a built in map
  • Robot will avoid obstacles
  • Robot keeps track what is in its tray, what the next destination is

Voice commands:

  • All start with “Robot mutant”
    • “this is " causes robot to spin around to find that person in space and confirm
    • “come here” causes robot to navigate in the direction of the last person they saw
    • “I have a question”, just causes a chirp
    • “What are you doing”, causes robot to say in English what its current state is
    • “Please deliver it now”, assumes that robot has a knownn destination and goes there
    • “Please go there now”, the same as deliver it now
    • “Can I add something”, if robot beleives the tray has something in it, it answers Yes, otherwise it says I have nothing in my tray right now, but go ahead
    • “Thanks” can be placed anywhere and is ignored
    • “You can continue now” causes the robot to start going to its next destinatio, or to say “I am done with my chores”