Lab Rules
These are important and easy to follow so PLEASE follow them!

1. Keep Locked
We are storing valuable computers, robots and things in the lab. Please keep it locked when you leave.

2. Use Lab Anytime
You may use the lab whenever you want, to code, brainstorm, collaborate with others in the course. It's ok if you bring a friend in but you are responsible at all times.

3. Cleanliness
Before you leave the lab, please make sure you leave it exactly the way you found it, in terms of layout, trash etc. There's a place for everything and we need things to be returned. Please be responsible, considerate, professional, adult citizens, and treat the lab accordingly

4. Battery Safety
Never leave the room with a LiPo battery being charged. Never leave charging LiPos unattended. If a battery starts to become puffy, smoke, or catches fire you need to be able to immediately handle the situation. Walking away for even just 5 minutes can spell disaster.

5. Storage
When not in use, batteries HAVE to be stored in the LIPO safety bags

6. Only our chargers
Only use the supplied Lipo chargers. Lipos have special charging requirements and can be damaged by chargers designed for other chemistries.

6. Protect Robots
Please treat the robots well. Be careful if you put them on the floor. They are easy to miss. If you break it due to negligence, you will have to pay for the replacement.

7. Don't remove stuff
Robots, Computers, Laptops and any other equipment absolutely should not be taken out of the lab FOR ANY REASON without prior approval

8. No modifications
You may not make any modifications, add any components, connect or disconnect any plugs or wires. No matter how safe you think it is. Please check with management.

9. Keep noise down
Our Lab is right next door to another lab where people work. Try to keep voices to a professional office level.

10. To Be Defined
We need 10, don't we?

Contact info

  • Pito Salas: 617-388-6367,
  • Tim Hebert:
  • Rev 5: September 5, 2018