Architecture Validation

Caveat The whole point of this project is to learn more, so do not view this as a recipe or detailed roadmap. As you get into it you yourself will modify the goals and deliverables


We are embarked on defining a high level architecture for Campus Rover. This is a work in progress. We need to start building parts of it in skeleton form to validate and correct it. We are documenting the architecure in the Campus Rover Architecture Wiki.

Architectural goals

  • Based on ROS
  • Use as much ROS pre-existing nodes and code as possible
  • Multi-level control
  • Teleop override at all times
  • Rely on live wifi connection at all times
  • Expand the writeup of each node
  • Must include at least topics subscribed and published
  • Must include a narrative explaining how each node will work


  • Implement the architecture in skeleton form to see if it can go together
  • Validate, update and correct architecture writeup


  • Demo code running in simulator
  • Elaborated Architecture wiki or writeup