List of articles containing fundamentals that we need to work on robots

During the early part of the semster we will have a series of lecture/discussion/workshops covering a variety of robotics fundamentals relevant to our approach.

Arduinos and mBotsWhat is an Arduino? How does it relate to the mBot? What are all the kinds of Arduinos that exist?
mBot Developer WorkflowHow do I develop software for the mBot? What are the tools to use? What kind of libraries are there for me to use? Where do I post questions and how quickly do I get answers?
SLAM NavigationWhat is SLAM? How does it work? What does it rely on? How to make use of it?
Overview of ROSThe high level concepts and constructs of ROS. What is a distributed operating system and why is it intersting; Why is ROS structured that way?
ROS ConceptsNodes, Topcis, Messages, Commands, Services
Developing on ROSWhat is the developers workflow on ROS? What languages do I use, and how do I do a build
Networking for robotsReview of the basics of TCP/IP; ports and protocols; http and other protocols that can be used with ROS