Guidelines to Charging Lipos

Balance charge
Always balance charge multi-cell packs. If the voltage across the cells deviates too much (5 to 10mV) the battery can become unstable.

Safety Bag
Always use a LiPo safety bag to charge and store LiPo batteries. While LiPo fires are rare, they can happen incredibly quickly and can do a lot of damage.

Charging surface
When charging, chargers MUST BE on the charging surface

Don’t Overcharge
Never overcharge a LiPo

Charging rate
Use the correct charging rate! Never charge at more than 2C charge rate

Over discharge
Never discharge a LiPo below 3.0V (the TurtleBot3 automatically cuts off at XV

Storage Voltage
Never leave LiPos at a full charge for more than 2-3 days. Bring them to storage voltage (3.8V per cell) to preserve their longevity.

Hot Battery is Bad
If a battery is ever warm from discharge or charge report it immediately (so we can check the internal resistance of the cells for damage before there is a disaster)

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