Brandeis Robotics Network

I have heard that the Boston Area is the “Silicon Valley” of Robotics. I haven’t been able to verify that independently, but we are definitely up there.

As Brandeis ramps up our Robotics program we are actively connecting with Industry players in the Boston area. These include startups and established companies as well as robotics researchers and associations to join us.

Below some of them!

Industry Players in our network

  • 6 River Systems - “6 River Systems is a turnkey fulfillment solution powered by mobile robots and cloud software. Using a system directed workflow, new associate onboarding is instantaneous, in aisle rates increase 2-3X and non value-add walking becomes a relic of the past.”

  • Amazon Robotics - “Amazon Robotics automates fulfilment center operations using various methods of robotic technology including autonomous mobile robots, sophisticated control software, language perception, power management, computer vision, depth sensing, machine learning, object recognition, and semantic understanding of commands.”

  • Charles River Analytics - “Since 1983, Charles River Analytics has been delivering intelligent systems that transform our customers’ data into mission-relevant tools and solutions to support critical assessment and decision-making. We address a broad spectrum of mission areas and functional domains, including sensor and image processing, situation assessment and decision aiding, human systems integration, cyber security, human-robot interaction, and robot localization and automation.”

  • Locus Robotics - “Locus Robotics’ innovative autonomous mobile robots make it easy to optimize your warehouse operation, respond to e-commerce volume growth and seasonal peaks while giving you control over your labor costs. LocusBots operate safely alongside people, making them more efficient and effective compared to traditional order fulfillment systems.”

  • Rewalk Robotics - “ReWalk Robotics is an innovative medical device company that is designing, developing and commercializing exoskeletons allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to stand and walk once again. Current ReWalk designs are intended for people with paraplegia, a spinal cord injury resulting in complete or incomplete paralysis of the legs. The system uses patented motion sensing technology along with battery-powered motorized legs powering knee and hip movement which is controlled by proprietary on-board computers and software. The ReWalk™ systems allows the user to sit, stand, walk, turn and has the ability to climb and descend stairs*. ReWalk users are able to independently operate the systems.”