Project List

We’ve collected a series of projects that would build towards our grand vision of Campus Rover. Here is what we have so far:

Project: Ardiono ImmersionRequired project to learn to use Arduino Robot
Project: mBot MazeIntroducing real world issues in driving a robot
Project: ROS MazeUse ROS to design a simuated robot that runs a maze
Project: ROS KinectInterface a MS Kinnect to our robot to detect people and other non-fixed obstacles
Project:AI maze runnerUse simple machine learning to learn the best path through a maze
Project: Robot APIGive the Robot a REST API to allow non-ROS software to control it
Project: Outdoor ResearchInvestigate available technologies and algorithms for outdoor navigation
Project: Outdoor MVPMost basic implementation stages of an outdoor navigating robot
Project: Indoor MVPSmallest example of a robot navigating indoors, going throug stages of implementation
Onboard display
Project: Campus MappingAnalyze the geography where we will be working to identify paths and obstacles
Project: Elevator ControlResearch options to allow the robot to control or cal an elevator
Project: Weather AwarenessResearch how to handle knowledge of weather and outdoor conditions
Project: ROS with AlexaInterface ROS with Alexa to allow voice commands and feedback
Project: mBot SimulatorWrite a simulator and visualizer to allow mBot programs to be tested without a physical robot
Project: Arduino rtosDesign an abstraction layer or real time operating system for Arduino