Cosi119a Preparation

These are not technically prerequisites, but we are expecting you to have taken care of these items before class starts so that we will not have to take time out. Please invest time before the first day of class.

  1. Install Ubuntu 16.04 (no other version) Installed as a dual boot on your computer. Notice that the unix shell on Windows will absolutely not work. Nor will VMWare. You have to boot (or dual boot) into Ubuntu.

    This can be done with both Mac and Windows. You need to have a machine that is not too old, with at least 4Gig of Memory and around 20Gig free. There are lots of intructions on the web to do this so I will not link to one here, because they are always changing and being tweaked.

  2. Knowledge of the Unix command line / shell: You will be using the shell command line a lot. You will have to deal with shell scripts a little. So it’s important that you update yourself. Learn Enough Command Line to be Dangerous seems to be a very nice resource.

  3. Knowledge of Python: If you don’t know Python the sooner you start learning it the better. There are lots and lots of resources to do this and it’s a really useful language to know. I promise you will like it. But to tghe extent that you are not guessing at syntax and so on you will be able to be more successful in the course. Let me suggest exercism for Pyton as an excellent resource although there are many others.

  4. Knowledge of Git and Github: We will be using git and github farely often. You need to have a github account and know the basics of git. I suspect you already do. Learn Enough Git To Be Dangerous seems like a good resource.